My friend Larry Gus

a film about bromance and music

My friend Larry Gus


 Larry Gus is a floweromantic musician – as a journalist has written, or a computer systems’ engineer or just a 28-year-old guy, living with his mom in his little home town in north Greece. Or then again, all of the above. But, above all that, Larry Gus is my friend.

 This is how Vasilis Katsoupis, director of “My friend Larry Gus” wishes to approach the subject of his documentary. Simply. Truthfully. Sincerely. The idea is to follow Larry Gus in all the places that have formed his memories, music, his sentimental overflows, his harsh cynisicm…

But, getting back to the beginning of this idea, what is the idea?

 My friend Larry Gus is a fly on the wall documentary, exploring the social aspect of one individual, in this case Pananagiotis Melidis aka Larry Gus. The word larrygus in greek  means Larynx making his nick name a wonderful wordplay. 

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Director’s Bio

Vasilis Katsoupis’s life is directed – more or less – like this:

Opening shot. A small town in central Greece, where two loving parents and one obsessive grandmother are raising little Vassilis with care. At the age of 8, he directs his first movie, starring his brother as Karate Kid giving martial arts’ lessons in front of a floral sheet.

After this first peak of interest in the plot, Vasilis tries hard to realize his dream. During his adolescence, he doesn’t play football; he studies Russian literature. He doesn’t take tests in Math, but in Star Wars. In between dating girls, he produces jazz radio shows in order to date more girls.

After reaching the age of 18, he starts his own personal flipside game – and the audience claps with enthusiasm to support his adventures: he rushes off to Hull, to study media production. Then back to Athens to work with a video-clip director. Off to the UK again to spend a bohemian year in London and then to Sheffield to do his masters in Direction and Film Producing. Zoom out on the year he spent doing his military service.

He then climbs all the way up to north Greece and Thessaloniki, to work as a lecturer for the Cinema School of Aristotle University.

And just when the audience is about to leave the room, knock! Knock! advertising enters and Vasilis rolls to Athens to work as a commercial director. Enter epic soundtrack. He shoots commercials, he shoots his own ideas, he shoots viral videos, he shoots his girlfriend’s hysteria, he shoots suburban pavements and urban skies. From time to time, he even shoots colleagues that keep smoking at his presence.

The grand finale is approaching. Our hero decides to make a movie about his hero: his friend Larry Gus, a musician. He has found the cause, the meaning of endless pack shot shootings, the destination. All he needs to find is the money.

Due to marketing reasons that he obediently serves, Vassilis agrees to end his life plot somewhere here in order to make a sequel of his next adventure called “My friend, Larry Gus”, so…

To be continued.

Watch the director’s showreel here

Producer’s Bio

George Karnavas was born in 1973 in Athens. He studied in the department of Political Sciences of the University of Athens which he entered in 1991 and from where he graduated in 1998. He studied Macroeconomics in 2002-2003 at the Hellenic Management Association. He joined STEFI 1998 and is the General Manager of the company since 2007. George is the producer of the most progressive music event ever held in Greece (Synch Festival) which won the pan European award Quartz in 2006. His first feature as a producer is the film “Wasted Youth” the Opening film of the 40thRotterdam Film Festival. He is currently producing feature films, TV programs, music and corporate events and is responsible for all the affiliate companies of the Stefi group.

But most of all, right  now, he is focused in backing up his friend Vasilis for his grand “finale”. Which is by the way going to be a great start.

Stay tuned.Peace